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Posted by admin on January 17, 2017

Alpha-Cure’s sales and customer service team have enjoyed a busy start to 2017, connecting with customers around the world in the few weeks since returning from a well deserved Christmas holiday.

Always looking to explore new markets and expand our reach into as many countries as possible, Alpha-Cure are pleased to share that we’ve sold ultraviolet lamps and accessories into countries including Mexico, Israel, Colombia, Turkey, Thailand, The United Arab Emirates, India, The United States of America, Slovenia, Iran and Hungary so far this month – and we’re only just over half way through it. Our high quality ultraviolet lamps will be exported and used all around the globe and we are proud of our sales team – well done!

We also have our network of distributors and dealers as well as branches in France, Germany, China and Australia – wherever you are in the world you can benefit from Alpha-Cure’s UV technology network. Find out more by exploring our interactive world map here.

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