Alpha-Cure delighted by positive feedback from international customers

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on August 11, 2017

Alpha-Cure’s Head of Customer Experience Tracy Pitts conducted a customer satisfaction survey of all our OEMs in June, giving their representatives a chance to grade Alpha-Cure on a range of areas including customer service, technical knowledge, dispatch, packing and marketing.

We are pleased to report that the results were all positive, showing Alpha-Cure’s focus on customer satisfaction is paying off with streamlined processes and on-target deliveries. Tracy said:

“I work hard to ensure that all of Alpha-Cure’s customers, no matter how small or large, receive the same high level of service from all of our departments. I’m happy to see surveys coming back from pleased customers, and look forward to looking at another customer segment this autumn.”

Other staff members have also seen a flurry of praise from customers, and we thought we would share a few of them with you here.

International Sales Manager Ross Hayward was delighted to receive an email from a customer in Jordan who buys our handmade UV curing lamps for printing presses. Ramez Mansour from Perfect Printing Press, owned by Nuqul Group, conducted an audit of all their suppliers this summer and we are pleased to have been awarded an ‘A’ grade, the highest possible. Alpha-Cure was evaluated based on quality of the product received, responsiveness to communication, timely delivery and the accuracy of documentation for shipments received during the assessment period.

Customer Accounts Executive Lucy Atherstone received some positive feedback from a member of staff at one of the many global OEMs we supply with UV lamps, who was happy to be quoted anonymously:

“Thank you for the update, you have been delivering lots of lamps and beating your schedule recently. I just wanted to let you know it is extremely appreciated, the updates have been very clear and any issues communicated well.”

Meet Alpha-Cure at some of Europe’s biggest print shows

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on August 1, 2017

Alpha-Cure’s sales and customer service teams will be out and about over the coming months, visiting some of the key print industry shows around the UK and Europe to spread the word about our market-leading UV lamps.

First on our list is Packaging Innovations and Luxury Packaging at Olympia in London, on the 13th and 14th of September. This is a really interesting show looking at the future of a range of packing, from inspirational product to premium retail packaging.

After that we are looking forward to Labelexpo in Brussels and will be sending representatives for the duration of the show (25th to the 29th of September). If you are attending and would like to arrange a meeting with an Alpha-Cure representative to discuss our UV curing lamps and accessories, please email or call +44(0) 1327 263900. Labelexpo Europe is one of the largest gatherings for those involved in the label, web printing and converting industry around the world, so make sure you take advantage of the chance to network with the most important names in the business – including Alpha-Cure!

In mid-October we will be visiting Ipex, the UK’s longest running print exhibition, as it returns to the NEC for the first time since 2010. We will be interested to see what the format and structure of the show looks like as they work hard to recover the reputation of the show after a few tough years.

Finally, the Print Show moves to the International Centre at Telford for the very first time, and it looks to be a revamped and popular event. We are looking forward to seeing what the team have put together and exploring a new venue.

We would love to hear from you if you plan to attend either of the UK shows and would like to meet an Alpha-Cure representative. Just drop us a line on the contact details mentioned earlier and we will be there. Don’t forget, we don’t just manufacture and sell premium UV lamps, we also supply reflectors, quartz plates, cooling tubes and power supplies!

Alpha-Cure welcomes Agnes Sopel to the company as Packing and Dispatch Manager

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on July 24, 2017

Leading global UV lamp manufacturer Alpha-Cure is delighted to welcome Agnes Sopel as Packing and Dispatch Manager, a new role for the company at a time of increasing order volume.

Agnes brings with her a wealth of experience, having spent the last 10 years working in a variety of environments from small manufacturing companies to large organisations within the logistics sector.

Agnes joins as Packing and Dispatch Manager to continue company’s recent success in providing service to many companies and implement processes to ensure that increased order volume is packed dispatched and delivered efficiently. Agnes comments:

“I am excited to start new challenge with Alpha-Cure and look forward to working with the team to further develop their already extensive packing and dispatch department. I am fortunate to be joining such a respected company that prides itself on top quality service.”

Working alongside Alpha-Cure staff, such as Director Mark Slater, I.T and Systems Manager Kris Atherstone and Executive Assistant to the Co-Founders Sara Akers is giving Agnes an insight into the world of UV technology and the systems and processes already in place in the company.

Agnes has completed advanced management programs with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) to broaden her knowledge and expertise on leading teams and developing reliable processes. She is currently working towards her BSI Diploma in Quality Management Systems and will play active role in providing and implementing high quality solutions for Alpha-Cure clients. She says:

“Our department needs sophisticated solutions that are scale-able and intuitive, in order to accommodate an expanding order volume and high quality expectations. This can be achieved by engaging teams, unifying order fulfilment functionality and promoting an ethos of innovation and exceptional service”.

Growing up in a musical family, Agnes is an accomplished singer and continues her hobby which was developed from the age of 5. In her free time, she also enjoys runs with her border collie Yoshi and long walks exploring the beautiful English countryside.

Wimbledon concludes – but do you know how UV technology is linked to tennis?

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on July 17, 2017

After a frenetic fortnight of tennis the 2017 Championships at Wimbledon concluded yesterday, with Roger Federer crowned the winner of the men’s competition following Garbine Muguruza’s success in the women’s game the day before. Whether you are a tennis fan or not, you might be interested to hear how UV is used in the creation of a crucial part of the game – tennis shoes.

An important part of the construction of any shoe is the bond used between the sole and the shoe itself – no one wants their shoe to fall apart or let in water when they are wearing them. The design and manufacture of sports shoes, such as those used by tennis players, also need to be lightweight, comfortable, flexible and very durable.

The shoes will undergo considerable impact and need to maintain performance throughout a match – and matches can go one for a bit longer than you might think…! The longest match in Wimbledon history was 11 hours and 5 mins long, back in 2010 when John Isner (USA) beat Nicolas Mahut (FRA) 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7), 7-6 (3), 70-68.

High-performance adhesives that provide a strong but flexible bond are essential, and this is where UV has a part to play. UV cured adhesives are used in the manufacture of nearly all the tennis shoes on the market now, and therefore most of the players you watched at Wimbledon will have been benefiting from UV technology!

Find out more about other applications of UV technology by exploring the applications area of our website, and we can provide replacement lamps for all kinds of curing and bonding systems. Just call us on +44 (0)1327 263900 or email our sales team with your requirements.

Alpha-Cure welcomes two new Sales & Export Administrators to the team

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on July 5, 2017

Olivia & Lucy, Alpha-Cure’s new Sales & Export Administrators


Alpha-Cure is delighted to welcome two new Sales and Export Administrators to the sales office team, thanks to continued expansion and success during the first half of 2017. Olivia Mcateer and Lucy Schofield joined the company at the end of June, and are already making a huge difference to the smooth running of the admin department.

Olivia has 18 years’ admin & customer service experience within the manufacturing, logistics & distribution sectors. She has worked with businesses of all sizes from a sole trader to an international organisation, and thrives in an ever-changing environment. Olivia said:

“I am excited to join Alpha-Cure as they have an outstanding reputation and are a leading manufacturer within their market with significant ambitions for the future.”

Outside of work, Olivia is kept very much on her toes with her 11 year old twin daughters.

Lucy brings over 10 years of experience within customer services and admin roles gained in a range of industries, including the animal product and building and plumbing trades.

Lucy relocated to Daventry a year ago and is looking forward to the opportunity to develop her career at Alpha-Cure and learn new skills. Outside of work Lucy enjoys horse riding, walking her dogs and playing hockey for Towcester Ladies.

The new staff join a busy team in the Alpha-Cure sales office and will manage the process of putting orders onto our systems, dispatching completed shipments and invoicing customers and suppliers, so many of our regular readers will soon become familiar with their names.

Fun, food and silly faces at the Alpha-Cure BBQ

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on June 29, 2017

The team here at Alpha-Cure would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who wished us a Happy 21st Birthday last Friday.

The company’s UK contingent celebrated in style in the pretty local village of Upper Boddington with a summer BBQ, music from 1996, the British Bus Bar and a rather enormous birthday cake…The weather was not as warm as it had been the previous week (a very British 18 degrees centigrade and cloudy instead of 32 and sunny!), but the rain stayed away for the afternoon.

Entertainment in the form of rodeo ‘Dolly the Cloned Sheep’, a fiendishly difficult F*R*I*E*N*D*S quiz and a human table football re-run of Euro ’96 meant the afternoon whizzed past in a flash. The rodeo sheep has certainly given us a very amusing collection of photos with some funny ‘concentrating’ facial expressions to share! The human table football was fiercely competitive and tested the referees to their limits.

You can enjoy a selection of the best photos from the BBQ below… Here’s to at least another 21 years of successful UV lamp manufacturing – we’ll have to have very big celebrations indeed for our 40th and 50th anniversaries!


Leading UV lamp manufacturer Alpha-Cure celebrates 21 years of success!

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on June 21, 2017

21 years ago, in 1996, Dolly the cloned sheep had arrived, the Spice Girls were a force to be reckoned with (in musical terms, at least!), Euro ’96 took place in the UK (England didn’t win) and John Major was still the Prime Minister.

1996 was also the year that in a quiet corner of Northamptonshire, the five founding Directors of Alpha-Cure set up a basic office (complete with plastic garden furniture in place of desks and office chairs) and built a UV lamp production facility. The first sales order was made before the factory was even complete, several weeks later the happy customer received the very first Alpha-Cure UV curing lamp and the rest, as they say, is history!

21 years on and Alpha-Cure has grown to be a true global force in UV technology. Our lamps are still handmade to the specifications provided by customers, with bespoke lamps and new specs created every single week.  A cross reference database of over 14,000 lamp types covering applications including print curing, adhesive bonding, UV coating/finishing and surface, water or air disinfection means we can quickly and effectively help customers find what they are looking for. We are trusted by OEMs and end users around the world to manufacture the very best quality UV lamps and provide the highest level of customer service and aftermarket care.

Sales headquarters and production facilities in the UK and China, sales branches in France, Germany and Australia and a strong network of distributors and dealers ensures that customers, no matter where they are in the world, are able to benefit from Alpha-Cure’s high quality products and service.

But what about the future? Alpha-Cure want to remain at the forefront of UV lamp manufacturing for another 21 years and beyond, so are constantly investing in research and innovation. The technical team are working on a number of exciting new innovations which aim to ensure our customers get the best results in UV curing, bonding, coating or disinfection.

Right now though, Alpha-Cure staff and Directors in the UK are looking forward to celebrating the company’s 21st birthday with a BBQ and party on Friday 23rd June. The UK office and factory will shut at 12:30 for an afternoon of music, games (dolly the cloned rodeo sheep, anyone?) food and drink – fingers crossed for sunshine!

Alpha-Cure would like to take the opportunity to thank all our suppliers, partners and customers for their support over the past 21 years – here’s to many more successful years to come.

Replacement Eltosch, IST, Primarc (and many more!) UV lamps from leading manufacturer Alpha-Cure

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on May 30, 2017

UV Curing Lamp

Leading UV lamp manufacturer Alpha-Cure has gained global recognition for the high-quality of their lamps, utilising the highest grade vacuumed baked quartz available in the market, ultra-high purity noble gases and mercury reaching levels of 99.995%.

Alpha-Cure can produce UV lamps for nearly every printing system (such as Eltosch), and are pleased to be able to supply replacement lamps from manufacturers including:

  • Eltosch
  • IST
  • Primarc /Baldwin
  • Hereaus /Amba

Our UV Engineers are also able to test a working sample lamp in order to then create a lamp spec, or cross reference to see if we already manufacture an equivalent lamp. So please do drop us a line to discuss your requirements, whether you are looking for a replacement Eltosch, IST, Primarc or Hereaus UV lamp or are not sure what you need! Don’t forget, we can also supply IR lamps, system reflectors, quartz plates, cooling tubes, high-voltage cable, lamp cleaning kits and mercury spill kits.

You can contact Ross Hayward or Jamie Tipler from Alpha-Cure’s sales team on +44 (0)1327 263900 or email


Replacement germicidal/disinfection lamps

Do you work in the UV disinfection industry, or are looking to add replacement disinfection lamps to your business offering then please note that Alpha-Cure are also able to supply high quality replacement germicidal lamps for UV disinfection systems. If you are looking for replacement lamps from manufacturers including:

  • Wedeco
  • Wallace & Tiernan
  • Berson UV
  • Hanovia
  • Trojan

…then make sure you get in touch! To discuss your UV requirements in more details, please speak to Alpha-Cure’s UV disinfection guru, Business Development Manager Berenika Bond on (

Staff Blog: Production Planning

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on May 25, 2017

Production Administrator Lynne

Production Resource Supervisor Paula

Our May staff blog takes a look at production planning, a vital but little-known part of Alpha-Cure’s manufacturing process which enables the production team to produce our UV lamps as efficiently as possible.

When an order is received by the sales team, it is processed by our admin department and the details are entered into Alpha-Cure’s bespoke CRM. The next step is for the lamps to be planned into production, which is the process of ensuring orders are produced within the agreed time frame and that the manufacturing sites both in the UK and China have a steady stream of production work to carry out, and ample materials to work with.

The Alpha-Cure production planning is shared between Production Resource Supervisor Paula Mackenzie and Production Administrator Lynne Barson, who are both based in an office above the factory with Production & Technical Director Richard Cherry.  The work is normally split so that Paula and Lynne are each in total control of production planning for a full week on a rota, but allowing for holidays or other urgent projects. This system ensures the sales and customer service team know who to go to with enquiries about their orders.

The orders are pulled into Alpha-Cure’s scheduling assistant software, which allocates each order a unique ‘works number’, this number is present on works orders that move with our ultraviolet lamps as they go through different stages of production, and ensures the lamp’s production status can be tracked at any time.

A completion date is input by the admin team, triggering the scheduling system to indicate which Alpha-Cure production facility has the capacity to manufacture the lamps, so this can then be confirmed and the manufacturing process started. The system will also show the maximum daily production capacity for certain types of UV lamps, such as long lamps or roll seal halide lamps, so that production of those lamps is spaced out accordingly.

As mentioned earlier in the blog, a crucial part of the planning process is ensuring that the materials used to create the lamps are in store and available when needed. To check stock levels, Paula and Lynne can export the order data into an Excel document which allows the data to be sorted by different categories, such as different types of quartz or cap type.

New lamp specs or lamps that need to go through testing are flagged up to Alpha-Cure’s Senior UV Engineer André Parnell. Any new lamps will require a mercury dose sheet which André has the technical expertise to create for us, and the testing is scheduled in to ensure that there is space in the testing department and the correct facilities are available.

Paula and Lynne have a total of 13 years combined experience of production planning so they are able to manage the production levels with great skill, and easily spot data patterns that are unexpected or incorrect. The production planning team enjoy the different challenges presented to them each day, which makes this aspect of the manufacturing process an interesting and varied one to be involved in.

Speak to Alpha-Cure for the best prices on replacement Eltosch reflectors

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on May 11, 2017

Alpha-Cure Deutschland

Are you looking for replacement Eltosch reflectors? Alpha-Cure is pleased to be able to supply a range of high quality replacement Eltosch reflectors at very competitive prices. The most popular sizes of Eltosch reflectors are: 273mm x 70mm and 300mm x 62mm, however Alpha-Cure can provide a variety of sizes and specs to suit your requirements.

Alpha-Cure supplies a wide range of reflectors including aluminium, aluminium dichroic, aluminium extruded, stainless steel, stainless steel dichroic, glass / bora silica and glass / bora silica dichroic, as well as quartz plates and quartz filters.

Our highly knowledgeable staff will help you order the correct replacement Eltosch reflector for your system – just email or call +44 (0)1327 263900 to speak to the sales team in person.

Reflectors are responsible for anything from 40 to 70% of the UV light that hits the substrate – so they are very important to curing results! If they are dirty or deformed you will undoubtedly see a drop in the performance of the UV system. Different types of reflector not only reflect the maximum amount of UV light possible onto the substrate, but can also allow IR light and heat to escape, keeping the lamp and the substrate considerably cooler.

Alpha-Cure’s International Sales Manager Ross Hayward visiting Colombia in June

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on May 8, 2017

Alpha-Cure’s International Sales Manager Ross Hayward will be visiting Colombia for two weeks this June to attend the Andigrafica show in Bogotá, and to meet customers both there and in Medellín.

Ross will be flying to Bogotá on the 1st June and will be visiting Alpha-Cure customers  and prospects in the area, including some from Mexico and Argentina, before attending Andigrafica the following week (the show is on from 6th – 9th June). Ross is being accompanied on this trip by Monica Scott from Alpha-Cure’s distributor in Colombia, Scott UV, who will provide useful local knowledge as well as translation skills! On the 11th June Ross and Monica will fly to Medellín, the second largest city in the country after Bogotá, to spread the word about Alpha-Cure’s UV lamps and system accessories before returning to the UK on the 15th of June.

Ross said: “I’m looking forward to travelling to Colombia next month, taking the opportunity to meet some of Scott UV’s Colombian clients and visiting a printing show in South America. I’m keen to support Monica and share my technical knowledge of UV lamps and spread the word about Alpha-Cure. It is always interesting to meet customers in different parts of the world and see our lamps being used in a range of environments. I hope that Monica and I come back with a full order book!”

If you are in Colombia and interested in meeting with Ross and Monica to discuss UV curing lamps and accessories while they are in Bogotá or Medellín, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Alpha-Cure. Call +44(0) 1327 263900 or email

Alpha-Cure Founder Steve Haines heading to Egypt for TechnoPrint

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on April 25, 2017

Alpha-Cure Co-Founder Steve Haines is heading out to Egypt tomorrow to support our local distributor for the area, Antonia Group, at the biannual TechnoPrint exhibition in Cairo

Antonia are Alpha-Cure’s distributor in Egypt


TechnoPrint is on from 27th – 30th April and Steve expects to be busy meeting contacts and potential customers who are looking to find out more about our market-leading UV lamps and accessories. Antonia Group will be exhibiting in Hall 2 on stand B11 for the duration of the show, so if you are attending TechnoPrint in Cairo and would like to meet with Steve then please do get in touch to arrange an appointment. Email or call 01327 263900 and we’ll get straight back to you!

Alpha-Cure has built an extensive network of branches, distributors and dealers as well as strategic OEM partnerships to provide a worldwide distribution platform of substantial stock reserves.

You will often find Alpha-Cure staff, including our Co-Founders, travelling to visit and support our local representatives at shows and expos or for strategic sales meetings. We are on the lookout for potential partners selling printing consumables in countries spanning several continents, including South America and Africa, so if you would like to add UV lamps and accessories to your product list  why not find out more here.


Alpha-Cure invests in research and development with the addition of a 3D printer

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on April 4, 2017

UV lamp manufacturer Alpha-Cure continues to invest in technological advancement with the addition of a 3D printer to the Research and Development department at the company’s UK headquarters. Systems Administrator Leon Duckham has been charged with the implementation and testing of the new kit, but luckily he knows rather a lot about 3D printing! For our April staff blog, Leon takes us through a brief history of 3D printing and explains why Alpha-Cure have invested in a printer at this time.

Systems Administrator Leon Duckham

“3D printing was first invented in Japan in 1981 but this was very much an early concept still in testing, and it was 2 years later in 1983 that 3D printing processes were patented in France and the United States. Due to these and other patents, 3D printing remained little-known outside of scientific and industrial manufacturing circles for many years. The renaissance of 3D printing and its eventual emergence into the public eye is largely due to these patents running out and the development of a project called RepRap at Bath University, which invited academics from around the world to collaborate in the creation of a low-cost printing machine that was capable of reproducing its own spare parts, making it essentially self-replicating. The project was conducted with open design and public licences, enabling a wide audience of engineers, companies and enthusiasts to get involved.

3D printing is now an established technology that is used for prototyping, fixing things, reproducing obsolete parts and modelling structurally-complex objects that cannot be made using traditional CNC manufacturing. Further developments to the process, such as selective laser sintering, have enabled the creation of solid metal components – an exciting application of 3D printing that has allowed Formula 1 racing teams to print new parts for their cars over race weekends.

Basic 3D printers are also now far more affordable than they used to be, meaning that people have them in their homes for printing ornaments, games and fun objects – that’s how I taught myself how to use one. There is a great online community embracing 3D printing which can provide help and troubleshooting for most problems that occur.  It’s great to see 3D printing enhancing people’s lives too – printing of prosthetic limbs at a far lower cost than conventional sources and quick modifications to wheelchairs are just two examples of this.

Here at Alpha-Cure we are taking our first steps into 3D printing and exploring what abilities this technology will give us in the future. We are hoping to redesign existing components and test dimensional fit before mass production. I’m 3D printing some jigs to align component welds that were previously being hand-machined at a cost of around £50 each and took several weeks to complete. The material cost of the 3D printed version will be around 2p per piece and they take just one hour to print, so in time this will represent an excellent return on investment. Our Project Engineer Danny Hazley will be able to assess tolerances and make adjustments with little time or financial outlay. I’m keen to see how new materials such as modified PETG and ABS perform and what properties we can exploit to advance our product development. As a UV lamp manufacturer we are also keen to expose different materials to ultraviolet light in our test environment, giving me a picture of which ones work and what I cannot use. I’m excited to see what other ideas and applications we will think of in the future.”

Staff Blog: Revitalising Customer Experience at Alpha-Cure

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on March 27, 2017


Tracy Pitts, Alpha-Cure’s Head of Customer Experience


Head of Customer Experience Tracy Pitts joined Alpha-Cure in October 2016 and for our March staff blog, she updates us on her work so far and plans for the future.

“It has been a very busy and exciting 5 months working with Alpha-Cure’s customers who range from end users who buy UV lamps once or twice a year, through to OEMs and our larger official distributors who purchase high volumes of lamps monthly. My role is to ensure each and every customer, however big or small, receives the highest level of service throughout the process. I also directly manage Alpha-Cure’s Account Executives who ensure quotations and orders are processed smoothly and in a timely manner. We strive to deliver a premium experience that matches the high quality of our products and this takes time, investment and a full understanding of all of the company’s systems and processes.

During my first few weeks I spent a lot of time with the Commercial Director Mark Loveridge prior to his departure, to ensure I had a full understanding of the pressures our customers face and our role in the success of their businesses. We reviewed sales performance figures to identify trends and troubleshoot problem areas. I have also spent time observing the Account Executives to understand the crucial part of the customer service delivery I am managing, as well as conducting meetings with the sales team to gauge how they go about their daily tasks and achieve targets.

It has been good to work with Alpha-Cure’s talented Network and Systems Manager Kris Atherstone as he has developed some exciting reporting systems which allow me to assess the volume of interactions undertaken by each member of the sales and customer service team. I have introduced periodic quality checking of both my team and the sales team’s calls and emails, to ensure high standards are maintained and to identify any training requirements. We are also keen to highlight the good work the team do and record positive feedback from customers. These processes complement our ISO 9001 accreditation improving our efficiency and allow us to stand out from our competitors.

I wholeheartedly encourage cross-department information sharing, and now have regular meetings with our Administration, Packing and Dispatch departments, working together to improve the service we provide.

In the next month we will be sending out a customer satisfaction survey to OEMs which I hope will be useful to help us pinpoint our customer’s specific needs. We plan to survey all our different customer segments in the near future, and will tailor the questions to gain an awareness of everyone’s needs. It’s been a pleasure working closely with our Marketing Manager Victoria to take into account every ‘touchpoint’ our customers have when they buy lamps and/or accessories from us, and I hope people take this opportunity to share their opinions. I’m looking forward to reviewing the results of the OEM survey and implementing any changes that may be suggested.

Moving forward we are trialling a slightly new method of processing quotations and orders whereby the Account Executives support the sales team, freeing up time for more proactive sales calls and lead research. I’m visiting Gulf Print and Pack in Dubai this week, supporting our local representative and enjoying the opportunity to speak to customers face to face and further my understanding of Alpha-Cure’s position in international markets.

All in all it has been a fantastic 5 months and I am looking forward to speaking to many more customers over the coming months and improving our service to provide an enhanced experience with Alpha-Cure.“

Alpha-Cure visiting Gulf Print and Pack 2017

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on March 23, 2017

Alpha-Cure’s Head of Customer Experience Tracy Pitts and Co-Founder Steve Haines are looking forward to flying to Dubai this weekend to attend Gulf Print & Pack 2017. The show runs from this Sunday 26th of March to Wednesday 29th of March in the Dubai World Trade Centre, and Alpha-Cure are attending to support our local representative Anoop PPTE and network with potential customers from across the Middle East.

Tracy said:

“I am really excited that Steve and I are visiting the Gulf Print and Pack expo in Dubai supporting Anoop and I am getting the opportunity to speak face to face to more printing industry professionals about our UV lamps. I am also looking forward to gaining a better understanding of Alpha-Cure’s position in international markets and of course in the Middle Eastern market in particular”.

If you are attending the show and would like to meet with Tracy and Steve to discuss Alpha-Cure’s market-leading UV curing lamps, please do not hesitate to email Tracy at We pride ourselves in having gained global recognition for delivering the highest quality product, each lamp being individually crafted to your exact specifications and manufactured utilising the highest quality grade of vacuum baked quartz available. We are proud that our customers recognise us as worldwide experts in our field.

Alpha-Cure supports local charity The Ups of Downs

Posted by Victoria Malcolm on March 20, 2017

Alpha-Cure continues to demonstrate its commitment to supporting local communities by sponsoring a photography exhibition from The Ups of Downs, a charity supporting children with Down’s syndrome and empowering their families.

The exhibition, being held in Leamington Spa on World Down’s Syndrome Day (Tuesday 21st March), will showcase 30 professional portraits of the group’s members with the aim of raising awareness and challenging outdated perceptions of people with Down’s syndrome.

The Ups of Downs was formed in January 2005 and now works with more than 50 families, running training courses, early development groups, specialist speech and language interventions and weekly Saturday groups for school-age children, as well as providing ongoing support and resources to parents and professionals.

The photographic exhibition that Alpha-Cure is supporting is called #thischildcan and will run at the Spa Centre in Leamington for several weeks before displaying some of the images at public locations in the area – for example Warwick Hospital, Royal Priors shopping centre, UHCW and children’s centres. The group hopes that the more the children are seen and Down’s syndrome demystified, the more society will embrace diversity and become more inclusive.

Find out more about The Ups of Downs and how you can support them here.

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