5 things you can do to help your UV curing lamps last beyond their warranted hours

Posted by admin on May 18, 2018

Alpha-Cure have always been associated with quality and reliability, producing tens of thousands of UV curing lamps every year for our customers. Our UV lamps generally have a warranted life of 1,000 hours, but this can easily be extended provided the lamp is run in accordance with our guidelines and conditions. In fact, Alpha-Cure regularly hears from customers who report that their lamps are still curing at 4,000 hours, thanks to the environment they are operated in and adherence to a stringent cleaning and maintenance programme.

Alpha-Cure’s UV technicians support customers and distributors around the world with troubleshooting and technical advice, and here they share their best practice for handling, cleaning and replacing UV lamps

  • Always wear latex gloves when unpacking and then handling a UV lamp, as any residue and oil from your fingertips will contaminate the surface of the lamp and cause issues once it is ignited.
  • Before placing the lamp into the UV system, ensure you clean the lamp body with isopropanol wipes – these are available from Alpha-Cure’s sales team.
  • For longer lamps, rotate them every 100-200 hours to avoid deformation of the quartz and ‘bowing’.
  • Avoid excessive starts – this can cause contamination due to the electrodes throwing off tungsten into the lamp. When you remove the UV lamp from the system, check that the electrical connections are tight and not eroded.
  • Ensure the UV system is clear of all external contamination, such as inks and paper dust, and clean the lamps regularly with isopropyl wipes. Allow the lamp to cool for at least 5 minutes after the power has been turned off, before you handle the lamp.

Alpha-Cure has over 22 years of experience in UV technology and are experts in troubleshooting issues with lamp and UV system performance. However, even the very best products crafted from the best materials will need to be replaced in the end. Alpha-Cure can provide replacement UV lamps for virtually any UV system, as well as system spares and accessories including:

  • UV system reflectors
  • Quartz plates
  • UV lamp cleaning kits
  • Mercury spill kits
  • UV testing and monitoring products.
  • Chokes, ballasts and ignitors

Contact Alpha-Cure’s technical sales team on 01327 263900 or email sales@alpha-cure.com to discuss your requirements.

From polluted rivers to high-tech water recycling in just 50 years – Singapore water redefined

Posted by admin on May 2, 2018


The remarkable 50-year transformation

The 5.6 million residents of Singapore enjoy a constant supply of clean drinking water that is among the safest in the world. This is a remarkable feat for one of the most densely populated countries in the world that has no native supply of freshwater, and 50 years ago had an open sewer system.

The fact that 100% of the population of Singapore are served by modern sanitation is a result of intensive investment in water treatment technology and infrastructure by the Singapore government. Water used by Singaporeans comes from four “taps” – imported water from neighbouring Malaysia, rainwater that is collected from two thirds of the land and stored in reservoirs, desalination plants processing seawater, and reclaimed (recycled) water.

Reclaimed water is a key part of Singapore’s future

Reclaimed water is seen as critical to the future of Singapore, as it offers the government complete control over an area of their water supply. The other 3 ‘taps’ are subject to fluctuation in cost and subject to availability issues – price rises from the Malaysian government (and an agreement ending in 2061), the high cost of desalination, and the risk of lower than usual rainfall affecting reservoir levels.

NEWater, introduced in 2003, is the name for used water from the sewerage system, treated and further purified through microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection. This reclaimed water is potable, but the majority is used in industrial processes and manufacturing. The Singapore government have built 4 high-tech reclamation plants in the country, called NEWater Plants, as well as a vast underground system of pipes to move both wastewater and the recycled, disinfected water around the country.

Progressing towards 2060 targets

In 2017 595 million cubic metres of reclaimed water was used in Singapore, equivalent to 238,000 Olympic swimming pools and met approximately 30% of total water demand. By 2060 the government is aiming for 55% of total water usage to be served by reclaimed water, just 1 year before the water import agreement with the Malaysian government is due to end.

In April 2018, Singapore’s national water agency PUB has broken ground for the second phase of the underground pipework – referred to as the ‘enhanced conveyance system of the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System’ – to deliver ever more wastewater to the NEWater plants for recycling. The technological progression is still a keen focus for the Singapore water agency, as University researchers are working on methods of desalination that mimic the human kidney, while engineers work to reduce the energy consumption of wastewater recycling plants.

Renewal of ISO 9001 demonstrates Alpha-Cure’s ongoing commitment to excellence

Posted by admin on April 17, 2018


The management team at Alpha-Cure is pleased to announce that the company has renewed its ISO 9001:2015 accreditation after a successful audit earlier this month. The BSI ISO 9001 certification is a key business improvement tool and encourages a company to think strategically and thoroughly about how to achieve increased efficiency and enhanced customer service. The successful renewal of the accreditation is an important demonstration of Alpha-Cure’s ongoing commitment to excellence across the business, from production and technical development to sales, marketing and customer service.

Thank you to all of the staff involved in the audit, and of course to everyone for their hard work day in, day out that keeps Alpha-Cure at the forefront of UV lamp manufacturing. We’ve got high standards to maintain and customers to keep happy!

Alpha-Cure is delighted to introduce a new addition to the UK Sales office, Grace Lawson

Posted by admin on March 27, 2018

Junior Sales Representative Grace Lawson

Alpha-Cure is delighted to announce a new addition to the UK sales office, Grace Lawson. Grace is joining the team as a Junior Sales Representative, and will be working on a range of projects across the different departments – data cleansing for the Alpha-Cure sales team, social media and website management for the marketing department and research for our new UV disinfection branch Alpha-Purify.

Prior to joining Alpha-Cure Grace attended secondary school at Southam College, and worked in a local hairdresser, tea room and pub whilst in education and then joining a homecare company to look after their recruitment. In her own words, Grace joined Alpha-Cure because:

“I have always wanted to work in sales and I thought this would be the perfect place to start my journey! I would also love to be able to travel with work one day and know that as an international business with representatives around the world, Alpha-Cure might just offer the opportunities I’m looking for.”

When she’s not at work and learning all about UV technology, Grace enjoys spending time with her friends and family as well as travelling abroad to explore new places.

Grace has quickly become part of the team at Alpha-Cure and is learning all about the different departments and how they interact with each other to keep the business running as a well-oiled machine.

Please note Alpha-Cure’s Easter Holiday shutdown dates

Posted by admin on March 21, 2018

The Alpha-Cure UK office and factory will be shut for the Easter holiday on Friday 30th of March and Monday the 2nd of April. We will be opening again as normal on Tuesday the 3rd of April.

Happy Easter from the whole team at Alpha-Cure and our UV disinfection division Alpha-Purify!

Please also note that Alpha-Cure will also be closed on Monday the 7th of May and Monday 28th of May for the UK’s Spring Bank Holidays.

How to identify the UV lamp in your curing system

Posted by admin on March 15, 2018

UK & Export Sales Executive Jamie Tipler


At Alpha-Cure the sales staff often get asked to quote for a UV lamp that ‘will cure resin/ink/lacquer’ but with very little additional information to help them identify which lamp it is. With a cross reference database of over 16,000 different lamp specifications, the team do need more specific information in order to identify the correct lamps and create a quote for the customer.

Here are a few helpful tips from UK and Export Sales Executive Jamie Tipler for how to find the information we will need to make sure you get the right lamp for you:

  • Check the lamp carefully all the way around to see what is etched on the lamp – it’s likely that there will be both the name of the manufacturer and a serial/part number on there.
  • You can also take a look at the UV information plate on your UV system – you can make a note of the information that is on it, or take a picture and email it to us so that we can take a look at it. This information may not help us ID the lamp you need on its own, but might help us narrow it down.
  • If you have one, check the invoice from the last time the lamp was replaced, as this should tell you the manufacturer and serial number. You might need to check with an admin or accounts department for this information!
  • If you don’t have any luck with the points above, you can also fill in our UV lamp identification form, which you can find here, which will help us to cross reference your lamp and manufacture a replacement.

If you are interested in purchasing a replacement or spare UV lamp from Alpha-Cure please drop us a line today: +44 (0)1327 263900 or email sales@alpha-cure.com 

UV disinfection in the production of artificial snow for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics

Posted by admin on February 11, 2018

The Winter Olympics is in full swing in PyeongChang, South Korea, and spectators are enjoying the spectacle of athletes skiing, skating and sliding their way to success. The area where the games are being held is as bitterly cold and mountainous as you would expect, but lacking in one key element that a Winter Olympics needs in abundance – snow! As a result, the South Korean organisers have had to produce vast quantities of artificial snow for the alpine centre and the snow parks. And that’s where UV disinfection comes in.

Why does artificial snow need to be made from clean water? 

The water used to produce artificial snow must be disinfected during the snow making process to prevent pollution to the area it is being spread over. Not only will the snow pack be used by many people (including children who might eat it!) during its use, but the snow will melt at the end of the winter and run off the mountains, most likely making its way into local water courses and agricultural land. The environmental impact of ski areas is often under the spotlight, so ensuring the process of making artificial snow doesn’t adversely affect the local area is vitally important.

Why do ski resorts need to make snow? 

Snow making in areas that are struggling with precipitation levels in winter presents a particular problem – if there is low rainfall all year round then there may be a limited supply of reservoir water to make the snow from. Smart ski area operators are increasingly turning to recycling wastewater for their snow making requirements, but this means the treatment and disinfection of the water is even more important.

What kind of UV lamps are used to disinfect water for snow making?

Medium-pressure UV lamps in compact disinfection systems are perfect for this application, as they can treat a wide range of flow rates at the pumping station. The implementation of these systems in ski resort’s snow making facilities will ensure that snow is made from clean water, free from harmful microbes and disinfection chemical by-products.

Find out more about UV disinfection with our new division dedicated to the sale of UV disinfection lamps and system spares – Alpha-Purify.


Positive headlines for Alpha-Cure as we look back at 2017

Posted by admin on January 10, 2018

2017 was a rollercoaster ride for many businesses who import or export their products, thanks to uncertainty around Brexit and market volatility, however the team at leading UV lamp manufacturer Alpha-Cure are proud to have recorded a successful year of growth and expansion.

Some of the headline news from Alpha-Cure in 2017 includes:

  • We smashed our sales target and welcomed record numbers of new customers, making profits that will help to drive the business forward through investment and security.
  • We manufactured more UV curing and disinfection lamps than ever before, producing 4.3% more lamps in 2017 than we did in 2016.
  • We launched Alpha-Purify, a new division and brand dedicated to the sale of UV disinfection lamps and spare parts. The Alpha-Purify team attended Aquatech in Amsterdam, bringing back leads and new contacts to boost the brand’s sales in 2018. Watch this space…
  • We expanded our workforce with the creation of new positions in the factory and office, ready to respond as our production and sales targets are raised for 2018. We hired Alpha-Cure’s first apprentice in 2017 and are hiring for another now, providing opportunities for local young people to learn and develop their skills working in a friendly and successful company with an eye on the future.
  • We thanked our hardworking and loyal staff with a summer party and BBQ to mark Alpha-Cure’s 21st birthday and rounded off the year with a fantastic Christmas meal and a Christmas Jumper Day. As well as these events, there were fish & chip lunches, pizza, Halloween treats and surprise cupcake days!
  • Our new Warehouse & Packaging Manager Agnes Sopel and her team have transformed the way we process and ship all our outbound goods, and the positive impact of her new systems and processes has been noted by our customers both big and small.

Sales and production targets for 2018 are high as we look to build on the success of last year, and we hope to work more closely with our dealers and distributors to ensure the news about Alpha-Cure products reaches every corner of the world.

Alpha-Cure is donating to the charity WaterAid this Christmas

Posted by admin on December 18, 2017

Last Christmas, Alpha-Cure’s management decided to donate a sum of money to a charity every December, instead of sending corporate cards to our customers and suppliers around the world.

This year, we have chosen to donate again, this time to the inspirational charity WaterAid, who work hard to provide clean water, decent toilets and hygiene knowledge to people who don’t yet have access to them. At Alpha-Cure, and our UV disinfection division Alpha-Purify, we believe that access to clean water and toilets is a human right, and should be a normal part of daily life for everyone, everywhere. There is so much that we take for granted, and we want to help people who are far worse off than we are at this time of year.

If you would like to read some case studies which show how WaterAid use the money they receive and meet some of the people who benefit from their work, please click here.

UV disinfection is a clean, chemical-free method of ensuring water is free from dangerous pathogens, and is used to disinfect wastewater, drinking water, ballast water and spas and swimming pools. We hope that in the future, UV disinfection technology will be used by charities such as WaterAid to help them in their mission.

Find out more about Alpha-Purify and our high quality disinfection lamps and UV system spares here.

How to care for the UV curing lamps in your printing press

Posted by admin on November 21, 2017

Following a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for your UV lamps and accessories means that the lamps should continue to cure long beyond the 1,000 hour warranty. Indeed Alpha-Cure regularly hears from customers who report that their lamps are still curing at 4,000 hours, thanks to the environment they are run in and the fact they are looked after well.

Our UV technicians have provided the advice below, but are always happy to answer any questions you may have about UV lamp cleaning and maintenance.

  • Always wear latex gloves when handling the lamp
  • Before placing the lamp into the UV system, clean with isopropanol wipes available from your supplier
  • For longer lamps, rotate them every 100-200 hours to avoid deformation of the quartz
  • Ensure the UV system is clear of all external contamination, such as inks and paper dust, etc.
  • Allow the lamp to cool for at least 5 minutes after the power has been turned off, before you handle the lamp
  • Clean the lamp, UV system and reflectors every 500 hours to maintain the longest possible lamp life
  • Avoid excessive starts – this can cause contamination due to the electrodes throwing off tungsten into the lamp
  • Check reflectors periodically, to make sure they are not scratched, dented and are free from contaminants
  • Check that the electrical connections are tight and not eroded
  • Change reflectors after you’ve replaced a lamp 4 times

We also have a useful troubleshooting guide which outlines some of the more commonly-seen issues which can prevent UV lamps curing properly. Take a look here.

Make a note of Alpha-Cure’s important Christmas dates

Posted by admin on November 7, 2017

Christmas is just around the corner and we always plan well ahead at Alpha-Cure, to keep our customers happy!

Last Order Date: 

The last date to place an order if you would like to receive your UV lamps by the Christmas holiday is Monday the 20th November, at 4:00pm. Make sure you get quotes or information for our UV experts then let us know in good time, so that your order is placed by that date.

Orders placed after the 20th November will be delivered after the Christmas break, however some accessories may be held in stock and available for immediate dispatch if purchased after the 20th – just drop your account handler or the sales team a line.

Christmas Closing Dates: 

The Alpha-Cure sales office and factory will close on Friday the 22nd of December for Christmas, and open again after the New Year celebrations on Tuesday the 2nd of January 2018. Even the Alpha-Cure elves need a little break from making our UV lamps every now and then…

Alpha-Cure welcomes a new member of staff, Business Administration Apprentice Milly Beaven

Posted by admin on October 25, 2017

The team at Alpha-Cure’s UK Sales and Manufacturing headquarters would like to introduce the latest member of staff to join the sales office, Business Administration Apprentice Milly Beaven.


Milly will be working on a data cleansing project for the Alpha-Cure sales team as well as learning all about business administration and assisting the Marketing Manager with the organisation of events. Milly is studying for her Business Administration Level 2 Apprenticeship alongside working in the office, with the aim of completing the course in 12 months.

Milly completed her A-Levels at Southam College last year and has been working part time at The Granary in nearby Fawsley and for a local business that uses interaction with dogs, cats and horses for therapy and teambuilding.

Milly says:

I joined Alpha Cure because I wanted to involve myself within a business and begin to learn the ins and outs and hopefully work my way up, and I knew this particular company would be perfect as it has a great reputation and has proven to be very successful. I had also been told by numerous people in the village what friendly staff worked at Alpha Cure, and I can’t disagree with them!

Outside of work, Milly enjoys horse riding and going out to eat (any time of the day is fine, so long as she gets some food!). Milly is already fitting in very well and learning a lot, and we hope she will find working at Alpha-Cure interesting and useful for the completion of her college course.

UV printing with Alpha-Cure lamps

Posted by admin on October 17, 2017

Alpha-Cure is the world’s leading manufacturer of medium-pressure UV lamps, and many of these are used in commercial printing presses around the world for exceptional print curing results.

UV printing has multiple benefits that enable printers to deliver a high-quality final product for their customers:

  • The ink is fully dry after being exposed to the UV curing lamp, meaning the product can move on to binding and finishing more quickly that with conventional drying techniques.
  • UV curing gives printers the ability to print on almost any surface, regardless of whether it is absorbent or not.
  • The inks are stable and shold only cure when exposed to high-intensity UV light, so can be left on the press. This means the press should not have to be cleaned every time it is shut down, as can happen with some water-based inks designed to be dried with hot air.
  • Printers can put ink down in sharper or finer dots, and the resulting finish will be resistant to scratches, wear and tear and sun exposure.
  • Printers can offer a range of product enhancement options to their clients including lamination, effects, spot varnish, vibrant colours and high gloss.

Alpha-Cure can provide replacement lamps for virtually any printing system found around the world, so make sure you get in touch with your requirements! We have a database of over 14,000 lamps specs and can create bespoke UV lamps with the correct information.

We can also supply reflectors, cooling tubes, quartz plates, IR lamps, UV monitoring equipment, lamp cleaning kits, mercury spill kits and more. Drop our sales team an email or call +44 (0)1327 263900 today.

Alpha-Cure launches new division dedicated entirely to UV disinfection lamps

Posted by admin on October 2, 2017

Alpha-Cure, the world’s leading manufacturer of medium-pressure UV lamps, has launched a new division dedicated to the sale of UV disinfection lamps and accessories – Alpha-Purify.

Alpha-Purify was created to cater for the increasing number of enquiries from companies around the world who use germicidal UV lamps for the disinfection of water, air and surfaces. The new division manufactures and supplies replacement lamps for most major system manufacturers, and benefits from Alpha-Cure’s 21 years of UV lamp manufacturing expertise, as well as a global distribution network.

Alpha-Purify knows what it takes to deliver the highest quality UV lamps to customers around the world, and how critical lamp performance is to the companies who use them. Alpha-Purify lamps are guaranteed for 8,000 hours, and customers will benefit from a dedicated account manager working only on UV disinfection sales.

Head of Global Sales for Alpha-Purify, Berenika Bond, has worked in the UV industry for over 8 years and is ideally placed to grow the division and help customers find what they need. Berenika says:

“I am very privileged to be a part of Alpha-Cure’s new brand launch as I have been particularly interested in UV disinfection applications from the very beginning of my adventure with UV lamps.  The launch of Alpha-Purify provides us with an opportunity to further strengthen our position in the UV disinfection market and to reach a more specialised customer base.

Alpha-Cure has 20 years of experience in manufacturing UV curing lamps, which is actually a huge advantage. This expertise has enabled our R&D team to develop UV disinfection lamps that perform extremely well in UV disinfection systems. This is mainly due to the fact that curing lamps typically have to run in a far more exacting environment than you come across in disinfection systems, so we have long since overcome many of the associated issues.”

If you are interested in reading more about Alpha-Purify, UV disinfection lamps and the applications that they may be used in, click here.

Alpha-Cure looks forward to Labelexpo Europe – are you visiting the show?

Posted by admin on September 20, 2017

Members of Alpha-Cure’s sales and customer service team are heading out to Brussels next week to attend Labelexpo Europe, the biggest trade show in the world for the label and packaging printing industry. The show is enormous, spread across multiple vast halls in the Brussels Expo centre, and features live demonstrations of innovative new printing technology, workshops and seminars as well as giving industry representatives a chance to network.

Alpha-Cure’s International Sales Manager Ross Hayward will be in attendance for the duration of the show, from the 25th to the 28th September, Customer Accounts Executive Lucy Atherstone will be there on Monday 25th, Sales Executive Jamie Tipler on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th, and Head of Customer Experience Tracy Pitts will arrive on Wednesday 30th of September ready for the final day of the show.

Alpha-Cure is the world’s leading manufacturer of medium-pressure UV curing lamps, and our products are trusted by OEMs and end users around the world for the best print curing results. Our knowledgeable staff are at Labelexpo to chat to printers and OEMs about the benefits of choosing Alpha-Cure UV lamps so make sure you take this great opportunity to find out more.

The team are available for meetings during the evening as well as at the show, so please do drop the team a line if you are interested in arranging a chat. Email sales@alpha-cure.com or call +44 (0)1327 263900. We look forward to seeing you there!

New £10 note benefits from UV printing

Posted by admin on September 14, 2017

The new polymer £10 banknote was released by the Bank of England today, following the release of the new £5 note in 2016

Great Britain’s new plastic ten pound note has entered circulation today, following the release of the five pound version in autumn 2016. The new notes, featuring author Jane Austen, are printed on a polymer material designed to last around 2.5 times longer and remain cleaner than traditional paper banknotes.

The new polymer banknotes are printed in a multi-stage process which adds the holographs, foils and other anti-fraud elements, and includes UV curing of both the front and back of the notes. The almost instant curing of UV inks means that no drying time is required, and precision control over thickness of the ink means UV is the perfect choice for printing on banknotes. Whenever you handle the new polymer five and ten pound notes, remember – UV printing was used to manufacture them!

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