4.0 Lamp and Alt-Gator Switch

Alpha-Cure unveils the 4.0 Lamp, a revolutionary energy-saving quad electrode curing lamp


Alpha-Cure is the world’s leading manufacturer of medium-pressure UV curing lamps and is committed to customer satisfaction, delivering industry expertise and constant innovation. The company’s dedicated dual-site Research and Development Team work hard to ensure customers who choose Alpha-Cure lamps benefit from the very latest innovation in UV technology.

After 5 years of careful development and testing, Alpha-Cure is delighted to unveil the 4.0 Lamp, a quad-electrode curing lamp with longer operating life and reduced energy consumption, helping commercial printers to save money and demonstrate increased environmental awareness. Working on solutions to extend the lamp lifetime has been a top priority for the team, and the launch of the 4.0 Lamp heralds a great success for Alpha-Cure and cements the company’s position as one of the global leaders in UV technology.

The 4.0 Lamp boasts four electrodes in place of the usual two found in mercury discharge lamps, with the second set of smaller electrodes enabling the lamp to remain lit at a considerably lower power level when it isn’t in use. Constantly switching lamps on and off causes the electrodes to degrade and thus shortening lamp lifetime. The 4.0 quad electrode system means lamps can be left on and operating in UV curing systems, but just at a lower power output, when they are not in use. To understand the 4.0 Lamp’s benefits in more detail please read this blog, which gives you a short overview of how the electrodes in a UV discharge lamp work and why they impact lamp longevity.

The 4.0 Lamp required the development of a smart switch system to manage the differing power levels required by the lamp, and we are proud to unveil the Alpha-Cure AltGator Switch. The AltGator switch directs power flow to the correct pair of electrodes at any one time, depending on whether the lamp is on standby or in full use. Each pair of electrodes are electrically isolated from each other, with their own connection through the lamp seal.

To find out more about how Alpha-Cure’s 4.0 Lamp and the AltGator Switch can save you money on your operating costs, please contact the sales team.