Chokes, Ignitors, Capacitors

A choke (or inductor, or ballast) is a device used in electrical circuits for controlling current. In simple UV power supplies this means the choke is effectively controlling the overall lamp power as to a large extent the lamp and its environment is controlling the voltage.

An ignitors provide the high-striking voltage needed to ignite a UV lamp when used on a UV system powered by chokes. Chokes and ignitor circuits can be used to power lamps up to 500mm in length.

A transformer (or ballast) is a device for increasing the voltage available in order to ignite the lamp. They are also used to directly control the current through the lamp on more simple circuits. Alternatively they can be used with capacitors to create a more sophisticated ‘Constant Wattage’ circuit.

A capacitor is a device used in an electric circuit to temporarily store electrical charge. They have two main uses in UV power supplies.

They can be used to ensure simple choke and igniter or transformer power supplies run efficiently. When correctly specified they ‘balance the circuit’ and ensure that unnecessarily high electrical current are not drawn from the mains supply in a process called ‘Power Factor Correction’.

In more complex transformer circuits capacitors can used to give more accurate power control of the lamps, providing power output that is independent of fluctuations in mains voltage. This ensures a constant and stable power supply to the UV lamps, and therefore enabling a consistent curing performance.  They also allow lamp power to be adjusted in small increments to suit the requirements of your UV process.

Alpha-Cure can supply chokes, ignitors, transformers and capacitors to suit the specific overall power requirement and switching needs of most power supplies available around the world. Make sure you have exactly what you need to run your lamps and ensure a consistent curing performance. Call or email one of our technical sales team today for more information on +44 (0)1327 263900 or