Alpha-Cure Metal Halide Lamps

Metal Halide UV Lamps

The metal halide medium pressure UV lamp is constructed from a quartz envelope containing mercury with metal halide additives that create specific wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation. The addition of metal halides creates a shift in the spectral output, producing longer wavelengths enabling a greater depth of cure.

Metal halide lamps are increasingly used in the Printing Industry and in a wide variety of industrial applications, i.e. the production of CD’s/DVD’s, wood products and printed circuit boards.

Alpha-Cure are able to offer medium pressure UV lamps for ALL reprographics equipment available on the market from 400 watts upwards.

The specific quality of the metal halide lamp can be determined by short exposure times, long service and reliable ignition.

Gallium Iodide – Introducing spectral lines at 400nm and 420nm of the electromagnetic spectrum, this lamp is suitable for curing of white pigmented coatings and therefore it is commonly used in Diazo type processes.

Iron Iodide – This UV lamp enhances the spectral output between 320-400nm and it is used where deeper penetration is required. Applications include thick pigmented coatings and very thick clear coats.

Selecting the right spectral output is vital for efficient UV curing performance. Multi-spectrum lamps may consist of two or more additives, and using this type of lamp can improve performance across a range of different exposure products. In order to obtain the best results in all processes, the lamp should closely match the requirements of the photo-chemical process.