UV Laboratory Unit Curing Machine

Mini UV Laboratory Unit Curing Machine


Outline Specification
Curing Width 150mm
Belt width 150mm
Belt material Stainless steel mesh
Belt speed range 5 — 70 m/min
Lamp type/output Ozone-free, 80 W/cm
Lamp cassette XC-Cassette  (with “extreme cure” polished aluminium focused reflector
Sample dimensions 150 (w) x 25 (h) x 190 (l) mm with standard feeder/catcher trays
Electrical supply 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 phrase, 13 amp
Lamp control ON / OFF
Belt speed control Infinitely variable
Physical Data
Dimensions 990 (w) x 445 (h) x 575 (d) mm
Weight 40 kg
Finish Anodised aluminium
Exhaust ducting Not required (ozone-free lamp fitted)
Cassettes Spare  XC-Cassette. CC-Cassette(with “cool cure” glass dichroic reflector)
Sample trays Out-feed and in-feed
Sample carriers Simple plate & clip types available
Inert gas Nitrogen atmosphere capsule available
Exhaust gas For hot air extractions


The holder, constructed from machined aluminium and quartz glass, enables the testing of UV inks, varnishes and silicone coatings on board, sheet and film under an inert atmosphere of nitrogen.

The sample is places in the sample tray where it is secured by clips. The lid with its quartz window is clamped onto the sample tray by two ¼ turn quick-release fasteners and a gas-tight seal is achieved. Oxygen is then purged from the curing zone by the injection of inert gas (typically nitrogen) and the entire assembly is passed through the Laboratory Unit to complete the test.

This method provides the lowest cost solution without the need of an expensive liquid nitrogen supply.

Mini UV Laboratory Unit Curing Machine