UV Lamp

Ultraviolet Lamps

Alpha-Cure offers the widest range of original and replacement UV lamps for all types of systems. We have over 14,000 lamp references in our cross reference database and can create replacement lamps from samples sent in by customers from around the world.

We are proud to manufacture bespoke medium pressure UV lamp designs to meet your exact requirements. Custom lamps range in power from 80 watts per cm up to 550 watts per cm, and up to 4 metres in arc length. Together with a selection of ceramic and metal end caps and varying lead terminations, lamps can be altered to suit your equipment requirements.

Alpha-Cure is a leading specialist manufacturer of high quality medium pressure ultraviolet (UV) lamps, used in numerous industrial UV  applications  such as:

  • Label & packaging printing –  digital ink jet,  flexo,  litho, offset, letterpress,  3D, screen
  • Adhesives & product assembly –  automotive & electronics components, glass & plastic bonding
  • Disinfection of water, other liquids, surfaces, packaging & air
  • Coating & finishing – woodworking, marble, glass
  • Metal & plastic decorating – cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cans

How can I tell when my ultraviolet lamp needs to be replaced?

UV technologies have proven to be the fastest and most environmentally friendly solution to drying inks, paints, varnishes, adhesives and for the disinfection process of water, surfaces and air.

The UV curing, coating and bonding markets have grown rapidly in recent years with many printing, bonding & coating houses replacing traditional coating, adhesive and printing processes with the more efficient ultraviolet process which can offer much higher quality results.

The application of UV technology for the disinfection of water, other liquids, air and surfaces is incredibly diverse and reflects a growing understanding of the benefits of using UV. It also means the advantages are wide-ranging and application specific, however the information below is a useful overview:

  • UV leaves no harmful by-products as it is a chemical-free process
  • UV is highly-effective at inactivating pathogens which have developed a resistance to chemical cleaning
  • Using UV for disinfection instead of chemicals eliminates the need for transport and storage of harmful chemicals
  • Little ecological impact as a result of installing and using UV disinfection systems

Whatever your UV requirement, make sure you contact Alpha-Cure today to speak to our experienced sales and technical teams and find out why you should choose Alpha-Cure lamps!