VZero UV Series

VZero Series

VZero is a highly compact, ultra lightweight, modular range of UV systems, designed specifically for inkjet curing applications. With arc lengths from 55-270mm and power output from 320-3,800 Watts, this lamp represents one of the most effective, high output, high quality UV emitters of its size on the market today.

This system is available in a selection of options  to suit your exact requirements.

VZero Standard Features
Ultra compact ‘footprint'
High intensity reflector system
Rapid warm-up and cool down
In-head ignitors for reliable start and added safety
Positive integrated air-cooling
Up to 1000 hour guaranteed lamp-life
Low voltage, extendable length power lead
Plug and socket cabling connections
One year Integration Technology Warranty

VZero Options
High speed low inertia shutter system
Integrated light skirt shield
Quartz plate to isolate lamp airflow from inkjets
Ultra-light alloy construction for tracking systems
Conveyor Transport System

VZero Operation
Lamp warm-up: 20-30 seconds
Lamp cool-down: 40-50 seconds
Focal length: 60mm from lamphead

Power Supply
204/240V 50/60Hz (055-140)

380/415V 50Hz/60Hz Three phase


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