Alpha-Cure UV Lamp Accessories

UV Lamp Accessories


High Voltage Cable

A high-voltage cable – also sometimes known as HV cable – is used for electric power transmission at high voltage. This high temperature, high voltage cable is used to connect the UV lamp to the ballast or anywhere electrical integrity is paramount.
High voltage cable is specifically designed to withstand the harsh environment inside a working UV system as it is manufactured from materials selected to resist ozone and remain flexible even at elevated temperatures. High voltage cable will work in ambient temperatures ranging from -190°C to + 260°C.
Alpha-Cure can provide you with different lengths of high voltage cable, just get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements.


Quartz Cooling Tubes

Cooling tubes are mounted between the UV lamp and substrate in a UV curing system, to filter out infrared (IR) radiation and prevent the system and the substrate from overheating, whilst allowing the majority of UV radiation to pass through. They are kept cool with the addition of air or water being pumped through on a system that passes through a chiller.
Cooling tubes are various different sizes depending on the size and manufacturer of the system, and Alpha-Cure can provide you with a wide range of lengths and diameters of cooling tube, manufactured to exact dimensions from high grade quartz.
Cooling tubes are also used in the various UV disinfection industries, where they are referred to as quartz sleeves or jackets. Again, Alpha-Cure can supply you with in a range of length and diameters to suit your UV disinfection system, whether it is for air purifications, surface disinfection or water disinfection.


Quartz Plates

Quartz plates are mounted between the UV lamp and the substrate in order to filter out infrared (IR) radiation but allow UV radiation through. IR radiation can cause the temperature inside the machine to rise too high, causing damage to the substrate or elements of the UV system, so the quartz plate will ensure everything stays at the correct temperature.
Alpha-Cure are proud to supply quartz plates manufactured from high-grade quartz, which provides maximum UV transmission.
If you require quartz plates please specify the length, width and thickness of the plate you require and Alpha-Cure’s dedicated sales team would be pleased to provide you with a quotation.

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