Alpha-Cure UV Reflector

UV Lamp System Reflectors

The importance of reflectors within the UV system should not be under-estimated; UV reflectors are responsible for the reflection of between 50 and 70% of the UV energy source, so regular maintenance and cleaning are essential.

Alpha-Cure supplies many types of UV system reflectors including;

  • Dichroic- These reflect visible light and allow  infrared  radiation to pass through. This type reduces heating of illuminated objects since less infrared radiation is present in the light beam. (However, dichroic reflectors  must only be used in compatible fixtures that can dissipate the heat. Dichroic reflectors  must not be fitted to recessed or enclosed luminaires with the  IEC  60598 No Cool Beam symbol.)
  • Aluminium- These can be used for low wattage applications in free air or forced air-cooling of UV lamps in an end cooled reflector assembly, or centre cooled reflector assembly. These are commonly used for focusing ultraviolet light from a medium pressure mercury vapour lamp, UV curing lamp or metal halide lamp as metal halide reflectors.
  • UV Coated Quartz- Quartz material is stronger than glass and therefore can be used at temperatures up to 1050 ° C and has a high transmission from 230nm to 3000nm. This makes it useful for most UV applications.

And many more!

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