UV Lamp Identification

UV Lamp Identification

We tailor bespoke UV lamps to meet whatever our customers require and have thousands of lamp cross-references in our database to produce the right lamp for you.  Below are 10 easy steps to identify your lamp.

    1. Identify your printing press and print system.  Look  on the lamp you want to identify  for any numbers/codes that may be the original reference code.
    2. Fill in our on-line UV lamp request form or click on and print out a copy of the form below, filling in as many details as possible and return a scanned copy to us by e-mail at sales@alpha-cure.com.

Lamp Specification Colour

  • If the cap is a different shape to that in the diagram, please attach a labelled photo/diagram of the cap with dimensions. Skip to Step 8.
  • Alternatively, you can call one of our Accounts Managers on  +44 (0)1327 263900, quoting any potential reference codes  to cross-reference your lamp.
  • If you don't know the original reference code, please provide the Account Manager with the total length, outer diameter, arc length and electrics (power, voltage and current) of the lamp as in the image above, as well as  the type of power supply (see image above).
  • If this matches a lamp on our system, we will send you a detailed drawing of the lamp with electrical details and a quote —  if you are happy with all aspects of the lamp, let us know and then skip to Step 9.
  • If not, please let us know of any changes you want to make. We normally provide a standard paint coating, lead length and lead terminals that are shown in the lamp drawing, so if you would like these changed, this would be the point to let us know. Providing a photo/diagram may be helpful e.g. for changing a cap.
  • If we don't find a match and there is information we still require that you cannot provide, we will request that you send the lamp to us at whichever address is more convenient:


FAO Technical, Great Central Way,  Woodford Halse,  Northants,  NN11 3PZ,  UK.

FAO Technical, Alpha-Cure Asia, Factory No 3, No 8228 Beiqing Road, Qingpu Export Processing Zone, Qingpu, Shanghai 201707, China

  1. We will custom design a lamp to your requirements, then send you  a detailed drawing of the lamp with a quote
  2. Upon placement of your order, we will confirm stock for the requested lamp, and provide you with a delivery time for your Alpha-Cure lamp!