Quality Guarantee

100% Performance Guarantee- Alpha-Cure’s UV Lamps

Tested for performance reliability by our UV Technical Experts, every Alpha-Cure UV lamp is tested before it leaves our factory, resulting in a guaranteed start first time, every time.

With over 133 years of technical expertise, Alpha-Cure have always been associated with quality and reliability, producing over 150,000 lamps a year for our customers. Every one of our UV lamps has an expected lamp life of over 1000 hours, which can be extended provided the lamp is run in accordance with our guidelines and conditions. This is because our lamps are handcrafted by our expert technicians.

Our Warranty

Alpha-Cure guarantees 1000 hours* running time for every gallium and iron curing lamp, up to 1 year from the manufacturing date.

We guarantee 250 hours running time for every rapid start lamp.

Alpha-Cure guarantees 8000 hours running time for water disinfection lamps.

If for any reason we receive a returned UV lamp, our team will investigate the matter to ensure we find the course of the problem, as well as offering our advice to help prevent problems from occurring in the future.


Blown Foil & Seal

We also have a UV troubleshooting guide which is available for download here, it provides a comprehensive list of common lamp problems that occur due to improper maintenance and how to prevent these issues.

*Alpha-Cure’s guaranteed hours are valid when the lamp is run according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Should foreign contaminants or substrates come into contact with any lamp and the manufacturer’s maintenance procedures are not followed, the warranty will be affected, as such Alpha-Cure technicians revise each warranty case individually.