Alpha-Cure UV Applications Optical Media

Electronics / Optical Media

Ultraviolet is often used in the bonding, printing and coating of Optical Media discs and other electronics.

DVDs  are  created  by bonding  two  optical disks together using  Ultraviolet  curable adhesives, then dried using  ultraviolet radiation.

It is normal for optical media  like  CDs and DVDs to have some form of decoration printed on the non-data  side.  Often screen inks that  are cureable by ultraviolet radiation are used for this purpose.  Most screen inks  are  developed  for a longer wavelength (365nm) for the most effective cure  and  accomplished adhesion — so  high irradiance is essential.

Ultraviolet coatings  offer  superior abrasion and scratch resistance, and are often used to protect the data side of optical media discs.    The application  of the coating  is usually  done by a dispense-and-spin (spincoat)  technique, followed by exposure to a UV lamp.