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UV technology is often used in the printing industry production line for digital, offset, flexo, litho, screen and letterpress.

Using ultraviolet in your printing process has many benefits such as:


With UV printing, you can print on almost any surface, absorbent or not.

That flexibility translates to hundreds of uses at the local print shop level — small retail items, book covers, cards, large banners, and so on. With this new found ability to print on traditionally non-porous surfaces like Styrene or hard boards, more and more people are seeing the advantages of using ultraviolet


Ultraviolet curing allows for vibrant colours, high gloss and a good range of coatings for high quality prints that don't need multiple passes through the press. This is because uv-inks are not so easily absorbed by surfaces and tend to sit on top instead of soaking in, the end result is a sharp, crisp print.


Ultraviolet prints are more resistant to everyday wear and tear such as scratches and sun exposure, this is very beneficial for large window prints that customers don't want to fade during their lifetime.


Ultraviolet printing boasts instant drying, meaning the ink is dry the moment it comes off the press.  This means no more waiting for the ink to dry, no more waiting to do proofs, no more ghosting of images on the page above it. Instead, press checks are quick and you can move on to binding and finishing faster.

Premium Products

We understand the necessity for premium products in the print & packaging industry, established in 1996, Alpha-Cure is a specialist manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) curing and metal halide lamps, delivering industry advancements in UV lamp design & technology. Our dedicated R&D departments continuously innovate, introducing new and improved products to our extensive portfolio of 10,000 lamps, using pioneering components and cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Our strategic relationships with UV system and UV press machine OEMs, plus our vast global distribution networks, ensures that we deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and support.