Alpha-Cure UV Applications Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards

The bonding  process of  Printed Circuit Boards often uses ultraviolet technology.

Conformal coating  material is applied to  electronic circuitry  to act as protection against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes that, if uncoated (non-protected), could result in damage or failure of the electronics to function. When electronics must withstand harsh environments and added protection is necessary, most circuit board assembly houses coat PCBs with a layer of transparent conformal coating.

UV curing of conformal coatings is becoming increasingly important for high volume users in PCB production.

Coating also can prevent damage from rough handling, installation, and reduction of mechanical and thermal stress.  It can prolong the life of the product during its operation, and it can help to increase the dielectric strength between conductors, enabling the design of the PCB to be more compact and small.

The increase in the popularity of UV curable conformal coatings is due to its rapid cure speed, level of processing ease, environmental friendliness and thermal cycling resistance, which have never before been achieved without UV conformal coating materials.