Business Policy Statement


It is the business policy of Alpha-Cure Limited that the Directors shall provide dynamic leadership, to establish unity and purpose of direction. This will form the context of the company, provide a strong corporate culture and support its strategic plan.

Mark Slater, Co-Founder and Director, has the overall responsibility for the company business management system, which incorporates certification to ISO 9001.

It is recognised that all company staff strive to provide an efficient and effective workplace culture and keep focused on our task to create value and fulfil our customers’ requirements.

Customer satisfaction by both proactivity and continuous improvement is our main goal.

Our business objectives are subject to regular review for requirement, suitability and effectiveness and the control of the risks and opportunities that can affect our business are addressed from board level down. We take a long term view and look forward to address changes ahead.

All company staff have the responsibility to involve and familiarise themselves with the relevant contents of our business management system and to apply these to their daily duties.

We are dedicated to maintaining positive and progressive relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners operating within our business management system, for the benefit of all.

We commit to satisfying all legal and applicable requirements placed upon us.

The Directors of Alpha-Cure will provide and maintain the environments and resources necessary for the operation of its processes and achieve conformity of its products and services throughout the world.


Mark Slater

CFO and Co-founder