Alpha-Cure’s New Reflector Insert will Save Time & Costs

Our new aluminium inserts extend the life of your reflector extrusion units while maintaining the highest UV curing efficiency.

Maintaining the best curing results involves regular maintenance, which includes replacing the reflector extrusion unit at the end of its useable lifetime. However, this can be expensive both in time and costs. The downtime alone affects production runs, which can have a knock-on effect against tight deadlines and ultimately profits.

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Quick & Simple

We offer a solution that cuts production downtime and reduces costs!

Cut Costs and Downtime

The aluminium insert slides neatly over the existing reflector extrusion without having to remove it. This means your production run can be fully operational again within minutes!

The reflector insert has precut holes for airflow to prevent overheating from the UV lamp. At the end of its lifespan, each insert can be replaced with a new one, which is cheaper and quicker than changing out the whole extrusion unit.

Aluminium reflector insert with holes for increased airflow to aid cooling

Available Now

Alpha-Cure’s aluminium inserts replace our reflector cleaning service and are available now for all UV curing systems of any size that use aluminium reflectors. Contact our sales team to discuss your UV system requirements and get a quote for your aluminium reflector inserts.

UV Curing Lamps

Our reflector inserts are as effective with our UV curing lamps as our UV system reflectors so your curing results will be just as good as before.