Hoppy Easter Closing Dates

The Easter break is around the corner and our UK office and factory will be closed from the 2nd of April till the 5th April while the staff enjoy a well-earned break and indulge on lots of chocolate. We will be returning on the 6th of April.

Here are some eggtastic Easter UV fun facts:

  • Regular consumption of chocolate rich in flavanols confers (Dark chocolate) can protect your skin from harmful UV rays as it contains photoprotection properties.
  • When eggs have UV light shone on them they glow bright red. This is due to the compound protoporphyrin IX which gives eggs their brown colour.
  • Chickens have tetrachromatic vision which means they can see around 1 million different colours which are combinations of red, blue and green and they are also able to see UV light.
  • Studies held at the University Halle-Wittenberg found that exposing chickens to UV light can increase Vitamin D in their eggs. Vitamin D is vital to help us regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in our body. These are key nutrients that we need to keep our bones, teeth and muscles healthy.
  • The UK has implemented measures to prevent illegal eggs from entering the market following the EU welfare standards act that came into effect in January 2012. They use UV light to screen the eggs to identify if it had been laid within a battery cage. This is as UV light can pick up small marks on and within the shell which are left immediately after it has been laid before the egg hardens. Any eggs which show wire marking indicating it has been laid in a battery cage so will not be sold as a Class A egg.
  • Texas A&M University looked into how living environments can affect animal welfare. Specifically, Hens these studies demonstrated that by rearing laying hens with UV light in their environment it reduces their stress and fear levels.

The Alpha-Cure team hope you have a lovely Easter and look forward to continuing working together upon our return.

We would like to also take this opportunity to inform you that Alpha-Cure’s UK office and factory will also be closed on the 3rd of May and the 31st of May for the UK’s Spring Bank Holidays.