How UV technology can help keep your staff safe in the workplace

The strengths and benefits of UV light are well-known in the curing, bonding and coating industries. For many years the use of UV light has enabled faster printing speeds, increased durability of finishes, and added protection of sensitive electronics.

But there is another side to UV light that can benefit businesses operating in almost all sectors. That is one of disinfection.

Ultraviolet light has long been recognised as a viable way of helping provide clean air, water and surfaces. Disinfection systems that emit UV-C light are used around the world in diverse industries such as drinking and wastewater treatment, food processing, marine and healthcare. Bacteria and other pathogens are susceptible to UV-C light as it breaks down their DNA, rendering them unable to reproduce, in effect making them harmless.

Five years ago, Alpha-Cure recognised the potential of utilising their UV lamp expertise in these applications and launched the Alpha-Purify brand. Since then, we have developed a number of specifically designed UV lamps for deployment in disinfection systems across the world.

How can this benefit you?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic employers have had to take on additional safety measures to help keep their staff safe and to ensure operations can continue with as little disruption as possible.

Loss of productivity through employee infection or illness is costly to any business. The cost of staff absence can be huge. Pre-COVID-19, the average number of sick days per employee in the UK was 4.3 per year. This means UK employers pay out an average of £463.76 in sick pay per employee each year.*

It’s this need to offer greater protection to employees that has driven unprecedented growth in the air purification market.

So, what can you quickly and easily do to help protect and provide a healthy working environment for your employees?

Alpha-Purify’s UVETTA compact UV air purification devices are perfect for office, clinical, factory or warehouse environments. They are designed for use in the presence of people with the UV light safely enclosed within the system, which allows for continual use without the risk of harm to anyone nearby.

The system is available in three different models, Portable, Recessed and Suspended, to cover a range of spaces from small offices to large warehouses. This flexibility in size makes them cost-effective, safe and easy to use. They even can be controlled via their very own App.

                Portable                                  Recessed                                 Suspended

A great example of a business protecting its employees in this way was Dürr Dental. The company recognised the need to take additional safety measures to ensure staff remained safe and available to work in their large Kettering office and warehouse, allowing crucial supply operations to continue to the NHS and their private sector customers. Dürr introduced two portable UVETTA air purification devices into their open-plan office. The portable nature and very low noise levels meant that these were able to be moved around for meetings or general office use depending on the location and number of people present.

The result was that the company were able to successfully continue its supply of dental products without excessive downtime caused by COVID-19. There were no office-based outbreaks reported in the teams, and also a noticeable drop in cold and flu symptoms. Read the full story here.

Putting in place UV air purification devices to help protect your employee’s health and ensure continued operations could be one of the best things you have done using UV technology.

To find out how our Alpha-Purify experts can help your business operations continue uninterrupted, talk to us today.