Key UV lamp and reflector care

Alpha-Cure has over 22 years’ experience in UV lamp manufacturing and curing processes, and we know how to manufacture UV lamps that deliver impressive curing results for well beyond our warranted hours. Alpha-Cure lamps are used by leading OEMS and busy end users around the world for print curing on a wide range of substrates, wood and wood laminate product manufacture, automotive manufacture, PCB manufacturing and more.

Whatever the application of your UV lamps, it is in your interests to ensure that your UV curing lamps are functioning as they should and keep doing so for as long as possible. In this blog we’ve gathered 7 key steps to implement as part of a cleaning and maintenance schedule for your UV lamps and reflectors, to ensure that your system keeps delivering exceptional curing results.

  1. Ensure your UV system is free from dust, paper, ink and any other external contamination.
  2. Clean the lamp/lamps, UV system and reflectors every 500 hours to maintain the longest possible lamp life.
  3. Clean new lamps before they are placed into the system with isopropanol wipes – ensure you wear gloves at all times when handling UV lamps.
  4. Rotate long lamps 180 degrees every 100-200 hours to prevent deformation of the lamp body – do not handle lamps when they are hot, leave them to cool for at least 5 minutes after switching off the UV system.
  5. Avoid excessive starts – this can cause contamination of the lamp due to the electrodes throwing off tungsten into the lamp.
  6. Check reflectors periodically, to make sure they are not scratched, dented and are free from contaminants that will not clean off. Replace reflectors every 4 lamp cycles.
  7. Check the UV lamps in the system are not showing any external signs that could cause poor curing performance. For more information on UV lamp troubleshooting, click here