Reopening for Business! What We Are Doing to Protect Our Staff and Visitors

From the 17th May 2021, Step 3 of the government’s four-step roadmap out of lockdown in England went ahead. This means that from Monday, the majority of the indoor and remaining outdoor economy can reopen, and gathering limits will increase indoors and outdoors.

Welcome to Alpha-Cure | Open for Business

The easing of restrictions may come as a relief to some while others remain understandable cautious; in any event, it is important we continue to ensure the safety of those working at home and on-site.

To that end, we will ensure that all the work areas at Alpha-Cure will continue to follow strict cleaning and sanitation procedures, which include using our own air and surface UV disinfection systems as well as daily cleaning sessions.

AP-AS UVETTA | UV Disinfection Airflow

This will be the standard routine for us from now on so we can protect our employees and visitors and ensure they as safe and as healthy as they can be during the workday.

If you are looking for effective cleaning and sanitising solutions for your staff and visitors at your workplace, take a look at our UV disinfection technology from Alpha-Purify.