Research & Development | How We Design and Build Your Bespoke UV Lamps

Research and development, what is it? Well, for Alpha-Cure it’s not just about developing new technologies, but it also includes the design and manufacture of bespoke UV lamps for customers who need something that doesn’t yet exist. So, how does it work?

The System Requirements

Let’s start at the beginning. An original equipment manufacturer (OEM), with a new UV curing system may need a UV lamp with specifications that are not available off the shelf. If that’s the case then our UV experts start by learning all about how the new UV system works and what its requirements are. This will involve discussions with the system engineers, product consultants and our experts to determine the lamp dimensions, electrical characteristics, and spectral output.

During this time, other factors are taken into consideration such as potential sales projections, commercial agreements, legal contracts and delivery schedules.

UV Lamp Design

Once all the technical specifications are confirmed and approved by the OEM, our team gets to work designing the lamp using the latest CAD software to finalise the dimensions, end cap size, shape, and wire placement. We also work on the correct chemical composition that needs to be inside the lamp according to the requirements. Our extensive experience in building lamps means we will come up with the best design that will work most efficiently within the curing system.

UV Lamp Testing

Next is the testing phase. Our engineers will build sample lamps to test in-house to make sure the electrical characteristics and spectral output match the specifications determined in the brief. All the results are recorded so we can dial in any necessary adjustments to achieve the targeted output.

The next round involves testing the new lamps with the UV system and running the process to make sure the lamp consistently performs as required. Feedback from the system engineers, product consultants and laboratories will help inform us of any changes needed or if the lamp meets the requirements.


After testing is complete and the OEM deems the lamp fit for purpose, full-scale manufacturing can begin. Each lamp in every batch is quality controlled and tested here in the Alpha-Cure factory to ensure they all meet our strictest standards before they are packed and dispatched.

If you’d like more information on how we work with OEMs read our blog on our Alpha-Purify website – find it here.

Alpha-Cure already has over 20,000 lamp references in our database and our combined engineering skills and comprehensive experience with UV technology mean that we can provide the ideal UV lamp solution for virtually any system in the world!

Contact Alpha-Cure today with your UV system requirements and our experts will provide you with the best UV lamp solution.