Using UV technology to create clean and safe future.

In response to our customer requirements our disinfection branch Alpha-Purify has introduced a range of ultraviolet disinfection systems for treatment of air and surfaces. These systems have been designed to provide effective and efficient disinfection using UV technology. UV disinfection is a method that uses ultraviolet (UV-C) light to inactivate microorganisms. At a wavelength of 254nm UV light can penetrate the cell wall of a microorganism, permanently altering the DNA structure within seconds leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions, such as reproduction and leaves no chemical by-products as a result.

UV technology has been proved to be successful in fighting Coronaviruses such as SARS-CoV-2 CLICK HERE to see our blog on UV technology’s role in fighting COVID-19.

Our disinfection systems are available in four ranges: the AP-A Range, AP-S Range, AP-T Range and the AP-AS Range. Each range has unique features which makes them applicable into a specific application.

AP- A Range


These systems are intended for the disinfection of air. The AP-A range comes in three different system designs: APA-Evo,

APA-Flo and APA-Jet.

  • The APA-Evo is a wall-mounted system that provides direct UV irradiation.
  • The APA-Flo is a UV device that is installed within your current HVAC system.
  • The APA-Jet is a fan-powered, sealed UV unit.



Typical applications include waiting rooms, cinemas, operating rooms, hospitals, offices, schools, private houses, food production plants, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, breeding farms, industrial plants.


AP-S Range

The APS-Range has been designed to provide efficient disinfection on surrounding surfaces. The AP- S Range comes in four key models: APS-WAND, APS-BOX, APS-Tunnel and APS-BOT.

  • The APS-WAND is a lightweight, portable handheld device.
  • The APS-BOX is an open system designed for effective disinfection of items transported by conveyor belts.
  • The APS-Tunnel is a closed tunnel system for disinfecting conveyor belts and the items transported via them.
  • The APS-BOT is a mobile unit that provides 360o disinfection to the surrounding area and surfaces.

Typical applications for APS-WAND and APS BOT include offices, schools, healthcare facilities, factories, homes, leisure centres and waiting rooms.

Common Industries for the APS-Tunnel and APS BOX are: Automotive, food and beverage industry, horticulture, packaging and processing plants, healthcare and factories.


AP-T Range

The APT-Range has been developed to provide headroom disinfection in water and storage tanks with the added benefit of also disinfecting the contents of the tank.

The AP-T Range is perfect for industries such as: Aquaculture, aquatics, wastewater, marine, horticulture, drinking water, oil and gas.




AP-AS Range

The AP-AS ranges can be used for disinfecting surrounding surfaces and air. These devices are divided into different types: direct, indirect and combined models.

  • DIRECT models have been designed for air and surface disinfection. They are NOT to be used in the presence of people as emits UV light outside the device; however, all direct systems have standard security features such as a motion sensor to ensure safety.
  • INDIRECT models are for air disinfection and CAN be used in the presence of people. This is referred to as a closed system as it contains the UV light within the device.
  • COMBINED models have two settings. One is used to disinfect air and surfaces without the presence of people, the other setting only disinfects the surrounding air, but can be used in the company of people.

Common locations these systems are used within are spa’s, homes, offices, waiting rooms, healthcare facilities, leisure’s centres, factories, schools and much more.