UV coatings and varnishes for wooden furniture and flooring


Wooden furniture and floors are treated with varnishes and coatings to ensure the wood is preserved and sealed for years to come, and the finished product’s appearance is of a high quality. Varnishes and coatings are applied layer by layer during the manufacturing process, so ensuring a quick, energy efficient and consistent coating is key.

UV curable stains, primers, sealants and topcoats are all available which have the following benefits for wood furniture and flooring manufacturers:

Shorter production time – the coating takes just a few seconds to cure whereas coatings that require air or IR drying can take several days to totally set. This means in a production line the materials that have been treated can be packed or taken to the next stage of production without having to wait for the coating to dry.

Space saving – eliminating the need for drying times means that less space is needed, as materials can be packed, racked and stored as soon as they come off the production line.

High quality finish – UV coatings give a good gloss and a very hard wearing finish that is resistant to abrasion and scratching and is largely stain and chemical resistant.

Alpha-Cure manufactures market-leading medium pressure UV curing lamps used to cure a full range of sealants and topcoats used in the manufacture of wood furniture and flooring. To find out which UV curing lamp is right for your business please contact the Alpha-Cure sales team who can help you identify the correct lamp for your UV curing system.

Alpha-Cure has over 22 years of experience working with UV curing system manufacturers around the world to develop proprietary lamps for exceptional curing results. Just drop us a line to find out more.