UV printing with Alpha-Cure lamps

Alpha-Cure is the world’s leading manufacturer of medium-pressure UV lamps, and many of these are used in commercial printing presses around the world for exceptional print curing results.

UV printing has multiple benefits that enable printers to deliver a high-quality final product for their customers:


  • The ink is fully dry after being exposed to the UV curing lamp, meaning the product can move on to binding and finishing more quickly than conventional drying techniques.
  • UV curing gives printers the ability to print on almost any surface, regardless of whether it is absorbent or not.
  • The inks are stable and should only cure when exposed to high-intensity UV light, so can be left on the press. This means the press should not have to be cleaned every time it is shut down, as can happen with some water-based inks designed to be dried with hot air.
  • Printers can put ink down in sharper or finer dots, and the resulting finish will be resistant to scratches, wear and tear and sun exposure.
  • Printers can offer a range of product enhancement options to their clients including lamination, effects, spot varnish, vibrant colours and high gloss.

Alpha-Cure can provide replacement lamps for virtually any printing system found around the world, so make sure you get in touch with your requirements! We have a database of over 19,000 lamps specs and can create bespoke UV lamps with the correct information.

We can also supply reflectors, cooling tubes, quartz plates, IR lamps, UV monitoring equipment, lamp cleaning kits, mercury spill kits and more. Drop our sales team an email or call +44 (0)1327 263900 today.