Why use Quartz Plates in UV Curing Systems?

For UV-based curing systems the utilisation of quartz plates has emerged as a pivotal component. Offering benefits that enhance the efficiency and quality of the curing process.

One of the primary functions of quartz plates in UV curing systems is their ability to filter out infrared (IR) radiation while allowing UV radiation to pass through. This characteristic is crucial for efficient running of a system as IR radiation can lead to overheating, potentially damaging both the substrate being treated and components of the UV system itself. By filtering out IR radiation, quartz plates ensure that the temperature within the machine remains controlled, safeguarding against such damage.


This feature is especially beneficial in applications where maintaining a specific temperature is critical, such as in the curing of low-density or lightweight surfaces and the production of optically clear products like solar window film​​.

Using high-quality grade quartz is important

Quartz plates, particularly those made from high-grade quartz like those supplied by Alpha-Cure, are also known for their excellent UV transmission properties. They exhibit a high rate of transmission across the entire UV spectrum. Including 90%-94% transmission in the UVA, UVB, and UVV ranges, and 85%-90% in the UVC range (see Alpha-Purify for UVC information). This high transmission rate is indicative of the material’s quality and its suitability for a wide array of UV curing applications​​.

Reflector diagram with transparent backgroundThe broader benefits of a UV light curing system, within which quartz plates play a vital role, cannot be overstated. These systems offer numerous advantages for manufacturing and production, such as increased speed of curing, leading to greater overall efficiency. They also ensure a more consistent and high-quality output, thanks to the uniform curing of materials. UV tech also contributes to sustainable operations, the systems have a lower impact, producing less heat and eliminating the need for solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Contributing to a safer and more sustainable production process​​.

Don’t forget the added combination of quartz plates and reflectors

In the connection with beneficial accessories to a UV system it’s worth mentioning Reflectors, often used in conjunction with quartz plates in UV lamps. Reflectors further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of these systems. They both reflect back ‘escaping’ UV rays and contribute to consistent coverage over the target area, increasing the intensity to the desired level without raising power demand. This results in better uniformity in the curing process, essential for high-quality coatings and print projects.

An added benefit is that the longevity of UV lamps is extended by the protective nature of quartz plates. It can shield internal components from contaminants like dust and ink particles, reducing wear and the frequency of lamp replacements​​.

The integration of quartz plates in UV curing systems offers substantial benefits ranging from enhanced temperature control and UV transmission to improved efficiency and product quality. This makes them a valuable component in various industries, including printing, coating, and adhesive manufacturing, where precision and quality are paramount.

Get them made-to-measure

Quartz plates can be made to measure for curing systems. For specific requirements or inquiries about quartz plates, contact Alpha-Cure’s technical sales team for a quote.

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