UV Lamps & Accessories

Alpha-Cure is a market leader in the manufacture of medium-pressure UV curing lamps supplying OEMS and end users around the world, but we don’t stop there. Our extensive product range includes:

  • UV Lamps

    Find out more about Alpha-Cure’s market-leading original and replacement UV curing lamps for virtually any system in the world. We have over 20,000 lamp references, including metal halide lamps, in our cross-reference database to help you get the right lamp for your system.

  • IR Lamps

    Alpha-Cure supplies infrared (IR) lamps for many different applications and industrial processes including print drying, as well as for the more commonly seen heating of indoor and outdoor spaces on domestic and commercial premises.

  • LED UV

    LED UV is an emerging technology in print curing, promising long LED array lifetime and reduced energy consumption. Alpha-Cure is pleased to supply air and water-cooled LED UV cassettes for standalone or integrated modular systems.

  • Microwave Lamps

    Alpha-Cure microwave lamps are available in 6” and 10”, in H, H+, D, V and Q and with variable outputs between 300wpi (watts per inch) and 600wpi. The output of the microwave lamp is almost identical to the standard mercury or metal halide lamp ranges, which includes the D (Iron) lamp and is often used to achieve a deeper cure.

  • Framed UV Lamps

    Order your bespoke framed UV lamp from Alpha-Cure. From small to large quantity orders we can cater to your specific curing, bonding or coating system requirements.

  • UV System Reflectors

    Reflectors are a critical element of many UV curing systems and Alpha-Cure supplies reflectors for all system types in a range of sizes, materials and coatings. Find out more about why UV system reflectors are so important and how to find out which type you need.

  • Quartz Plates

    Alpha-Cure are proud to supply quartz plates manufactured from high-grade quartz, which provides maximum UV transmission. If you require quartz plates please specify the length, width and thickness of the plate you require and Alpha-Cure’s dedicated sales team would be pleased to provide you with a quotation.

  • Cooling Tubes (Quartz Sleeves)

    Cooling tubes (Also known as Quartz sleeves) come in various different sizes depending on the type and manufacturer of the system. Alpha-Cure can provide you with a wide range of lengths and diameters of Cooling tubes, manufactured to exact dimensions from high grade quartz.

  • Power Supplies

    Electronic power supplies are used to provide constant power to a UV system, independent of any fluctuation in the mains voltage. This provides protection to the UV lamps from power surges and ensures a consistent curing performance.

  • UV Cassettes

    Alpha-Cure is proud to supply modular UV print cassettes for wide-format inkjet printing, thanks to our partnership with leading printing system manufacturer Integration Technology. Our customers will benefit from innovative, tough UV cassettes that can be supplied as standalone items or in a modular set up.

  • Test Strips & Labels

    UV test strips and labels enable you to evaluate the ultraviolet output of your system and compare it against others if you are running multiple sources of UV.

  • Lamp Cleaning Kit

    Adopting a regular cleaning and maintenance programme for your curing system means you will enjoy the highest levels of operation and efficiency.

  • Other Accessories

    We supply UV lamp and system accessories including mercury spill kits, high voltage cable, ceramic and metal end caps, power supplies, chokes, ignitors and capacitors. Take a look or request more information from our UV sales specialists.

  • Mercury Spill Kit

    Reduce the risk around lamp breakages with the Mercury Spill Kit.