Microwave UV Lamp

Microwave Lamps

Microwave lamps are also referred to as ‘electrode-less lamps’ because they do not rely on electrodes for lamp ignition. The lamps’ unique design works by irradiating the lamp with microwave energy rather than passing current between the electrodes. Radiation is produced throughout the entire length of the lamp with the gas discharge filling the entire lamp, as no space is required at the top and bottom for the electrodes.

Eliminating the electrodes from the lamp removes the chance of primary deterioration, which has a significant negative impact upon the working lifetime of UV lamps. The benefits of electrodeless lamps include instant on/off capability, no wires so they can withstand harsher environments, longer life (3-5 times, compared to a standard lamp), greater UV output and a smaller design which can be easily fitted into the system. It also removes the energy loss associated with standard electrode lamps and allows for narrower lamps, reducing the amount of infrared radiation generated and preventing overheating of heat sensitive materials.

Microwave lamps are constructed from a quartz envelope which contains mercury, and where required metal halide additives, to create specific wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation. The addition of metal halides to microwave lamps creates a shift in the spectral output, producing longer wavelengths enabling a greater depth of cure for pigmented and thicker ink coatings.

Alpha-Cure microwave lamps are available in 6” and 10”, in H, H+, D, V and Q and with variable outputs between 300wpi (watts per inch) and 600wpi.  The output of the microwave lamp is almost identical to the standard mercury or halide lamp ranges, which includes the D (Iron) lamp and is often used to achieve a deeper cure.

All of Alpha-Cure’s UV lamps are tailored to the customer’s exact specification and developed using the most advanced components and highest quality standards in manufacturing processes.

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